Tashweesh festival
Tashweesh Closing Party w/ DJ Haram + Soumaya Phéline + Ojoo Gyal


Tashweesh Closing Party w/ DJ Haram + Soumaya Phéline + Ojoo Gyal

SA 08.10.2022 22:00

Come join the party crossing all the borders!

22:00 Ojoo Gyal 
23:00 DJ Haram 
01:00 Soumaya Phéline 

Philadelphia-based but New Jersey-born DJ and producer DJ Haram, ties the dance music history of these two local scenes together with her own heritage. When Zubyeda Muzeyyen steps into the booth carrying her alias, she throws down her bass-heavy take on Jersey club, booty bounce, and mahraganat. As a producer, her distinctive sound found an outlet in the form of her excellent Grace EP released on Hyperdub. Besides the US club scene, DJ Haram is involved in the DIY noise scene in Philadelphia. A side to her craft that is more obvious through her work together with Moor Mother. Their collaboration as 700 Bliss is a prolific and political unification of noise, rap, poetry, and beats.

Brussels-based DJ, promoter, Kiosk radio host, and member of the Psst Mlle & Club Détour collectives, Soumaya Phéline isn’t here to make crowds feel comfortable. Instead, she constantly toys with dancefloor expectations by drawing from various electronic sub-genres – never quite giving you the kick, climax or gulp of air you thought you needed or asked for. Heavy with bass, breaks, mesmerizing melodies and rhythmic vocals, Soumaya’s sets distort and disturb in a way that’s strangely satisfying.

Born and raised in Morocco, the recently Brussels-based Ojoo Gyal has a wide-range approach to DJing, as evident from her Noods and Movement radio residencies. Her mixes vary from old-school dancehall to its contemporary mutations, heavy dub, bass, breaks, baile funk, and other radical twists of electronic music. 

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union