Tashweesh festival
La Fourna Bread made by Strong Women

La Fourna Bread made by Strong Women

28 SEP — 8 OCT

Every day from 19:00


Moroccan & Lebanese breads

big - with salad and 2 fillings 8 euro

small - with 1 filling 6 euro

Taste everything?
Sharing dish

big - 4 dips, 3 breads 7 euro

small - 3 dips, 2 breads 4 euro


La Fourna serves you flatbread and vegetable dishes from around the world. But it is more than a nice place for a quick lunch: La Fourna shines a light on the talent of women with immigrant roots. Through empowerment, participation, co-creation, and the sharing of knowledge and skills, they build self-confidence and grow further. With their engagement, they brake (through) boundaries and let you embrace cultural diversity.