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Surplus Cinema Feminisms and filmmaking in the context of Greece and intertwining diasporas
DAY 3 - Imaging action

DAY 3 - Imaging action

screening talk
FR 25.11.2022 19:30

19:30 screening

- all films are subtitled in English -


ENOMENA, Phaedra Vokali, GR, 2022, 19’

Anna is a gifted, but insecure 17-year-old girl, desperate to belong. Her boyfriend pressures her into entrapping her Albanian classmate Jo, so that he can bully them later on. Anna accepts the mission only to find herself perplexed by her own feelings for Jo.


Girlhood, Maria Sidiropoulou & Vania Turner, GR, 2021, 30’

Girlhood follows Vera, Christina and Nefeli, three seventeen-year-old girls in Athens who come of age during the pandemic. From the first frame, we’re invited into their worlds as they talk about their frustrations and dreams. These intimate, sometimes painful conversations are threaded with the Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok videos shaping their self-image in quarantine. This coming-of-age story shows teenage girls trying to figure out how to love themselves as they transition from girls to women in a society that remains deeply patriarchal.


I am Afrogreek: Black Portraiture in Greece, Adeola Aderemi, BE, 2021, 20’

Over the last years, Aderemi has been researching the role of language in self-determination and identity. In 2018, driven by the ethnic term Afro-Greek, she, along with Jackie Abhulimen, embarked on a project to interview Afro-Greek citizens and denizens. The interviews sought to bring light to their ideas of racism, identity and nation building. 


No Nos Soltemos Más / Let’s Not Let Go, Alkistis Efthimiou, CL, 2022, 13’

In the midst of the social uprising and pandemic that is sweeping Chile, Alkisti, a Greek woman living in Santiago, and Mara, her flatmate’s daughter, are forced into an escalating confinement. During this critical period, Alkisti decides to film the relational space she shares with Mara, revealing games, dialogues and mutual concerns that will lead to a tale about femininity, survival and collective care.


Ritual for a Burned Forest, Mouries Collective, GR, 2022

The collective Mouries shared three days in a burnt forest in the island of Evia, experimenting around the creation of rituals to accompany and support lost forests in their regeneration process. This encounter is inspired by the recent fires in Greece, and is an open invitation to those who, like us, feel the need to do “something” without knowing exactly what. 


21:30 Ciné-Assembly

With Adeola Aderemi, Sophia Farantatou, Friends of Zak/Zackie in Belgium (Yanis Stefanou, Eva Betavatzi), co-moderated by Surplus Cinema.

In English


credits image: Alkistis Efthimiou, No Nos Soltemos Más, 2022