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Behind every dune in the confinement-desert, there is a voice that reminds of home.

“This musical composition is a somewhat nostalgic trip down to memory lane of familiar places that represent my neighborhood and give this idea of home. We can hear Giant Belgian Horn, Proxi Express, Snack Baraka, Coiffure du Center, Moka Café, Café Floréo, Les Brasseurs and Beurs Station. The composition is born from the urge to relive COVID reality Brussels by memorializing and conserving the feelings then perceptions of the places that I visit in my daily routine. By recording both the voices as the objects during the post-covid, it enables me to recreate this persecution of a certain visual dimension to make it more authentic and human. These recorded elements were processed by effects and mixed with the synthesizers to add a layer of fiction by engaging the imagination of the listener by experiencing the desert feeling during the confinement.” — Cheb Runner

1. Find your way to the START at Giant Belgium Horn, Stalingrad, 1000 Brussel
2. Get your charged phone and earphones out.
3. Press play.
4. Follow the route on the map, you can also open the map in a new window click here
5. The project is in a testing-testing-testing phase, so WE <3 FEEDBACK at

Brussels-based Morroccan producer and DJ Cheb Runner (real name Reda Senhaji) is a musical alchemist who rides through sandy deserts with pumping bass. He has been circulating in the music/art scene under different names for well over 10 years. By deejaying, producing, composing and giving workshops, he builds links between traditional and contemporary electronic sounds and musicians. Always recording first hand sounds, Cheb Runner builds his own sample banks with traditional instruments that are then processed with analog & digital effects, combined with synthesisers. His work reflects his past life in Morocco and his new one in Belgium, “like a Moroccan wedding in a rave party”.