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Who might you encounter on safari at Duden Park? What does the autumnal metamorphosis of the Sonian Forest sound like? What do the electromagnetic hotspots of Brussels have to say? (Re)discover Brussels on foot this autumn via the routes and compositions of a host of Brussels-based artists. The custom mixtapes, music and other hybrid sound pieces are all inspired by the places and the people you will encounter along the way.

From bustling Beekkant or the Le Brass marshes to Stalingrad or China, past parks, squares, plants, animals, voices and pockets of silence. With an online map and your headphones, you decide when and how often you want to receive a digital embrace from your fave BSB artists. Escape your apartment, keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked up, and get ready to experience the music with your whole body.

w/ Vieze Meisje, Vica Pacheco, Susobrino, SKY H1 & Patrick Quick, Sagat & Simon Halsberghe, Naomie Klaus, M I M I, Mika Oki, PRINS ZONDER CARNAVAL, Le Motel, Fatoosan, Épong, Cheb Runner, Carrageenan, Bryn, Ben Bertrand, KIOSK radio, Farida Amadou, Jordi Grognard, Femke Fredrix, Pak Yan Lau ...