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Lydia McGlinchey MadDoG


Lydia McGlinchey MadDoG

work-in-progress DAG VAN DE DANS
SA 27.04 18:00

A carefully tangled knot of apparent opposites.

A knot can hold together contradictions. Thinking from the knot demands an attentiveness to how the material world is underwritten by violent histories. The knot exposes the way different material, historical, stylistic objects are tied together, as well as the way in which power is tied into and structures particular constellations. Taking on a Bataillean conception of ‘base matter’, 'MadDoG' disrupts the distinction between high and low: the bimbo is materially made up of the prophetess, the carpet is also disco ball, the body is at once dog and human, thriving is entrenched in decline.

In 'MadDoG', dancer and choreographer Lydia McGlinchey works with spoken text, dance, and vocal work. With this piece, she wants to enmesh viewers in a dense ‘knot’ of interlaced but distinct materials and layers, informed by a textile practice of weaving and lace work. This work takes influence from gothic/horror and heavy metal.


Lydia Mcglinchey was born in Sydney, Australia, of Peruvian-Irish descent. She is currently working as a performer and maker, living in Brussels. Lydia is trained in dance/performance, yet she also works with textile/fiber art. Lydia's work FERAL was presented at Theatre VIERNULVIER, Kaaitheatre, and BUDA KunstenCentrum. Lydia has worked with Alix Eynaudi on her project Noa+Snow. Additionally, Lydia has worked with Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Nathan Ooms, Stefa Govaart, Micha Goldberg and Rosie Sommers.