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MOTHERNESS SYMPOSIUM Chapter 1: The Bad Mother

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MOTHERNESS SYMPOSIUM Chapter 1: The Bad Mother

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SA 28.09 10:00 - 22:00

Delve into motherhood and its relation to death and power with Castélie Yalombo L. and Sophie Farza.

The "Motherness Symposia" are a series of gatherings to explore the figure of the mother, motherhood, and its relationship to death, mourning, life and power. When and where does life begin and who gets to decide? Castélie Yalombo L. and Sophie Farza invite artists, thinkers, social workers, and anyone interested to delve into the twists and turns of motherhood.

Maternal bodies hold a special place, as witnesses and subjects of a concrete proximity of the living and the dead in their very flesh. These experiences carry a heavy load of fantasies and symbols, making it sensitive and even difficult to support and accompany the psychic and reproductive lives of women and parents.

“Chapter 1: The Bad Mother” will focus on terminations of pregnancy, an experience that we are used to keeping outside of the context of motherhood. Whether voluntary or involuntary, these are common events in reproductive life, yet they are still heavily stigmatized and associated with death.

This day will feature mind-body practices, readings, intimate and public talks, films and a party. The detailed program will be revealed at the end of August.