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Alice Giuliani & Camilla Strandhagen And everything is porous as a bodily crack


Alice Giuliani & Camilla Strandhagen And everything is porous as a bodily crack

TH 28.11 20:30 premiere
FR 29.11 20:30

Rebellion against chronic pain and panic attacks.

in English with English subs 
60 min.

In this performance Alicé and Kmila travel through intimate, sci-fi, distorted galaxies to talk about what is so hard to explain. They create a utopian dimension where chronic illness is no longer an invisible shadow but a tangible creature.

Diving into "Spoonieland", a horizontally damaged epidermis-like surface, they can finally transform into their dismissed and imperceptible chronic conditions: they become autoantibodies rebelling against compulsory healthiness; they become grub-lovers melting into sleep, chronic pain and panic attacks. They play each other's guardians in search of care and pleasure. 


Alice Giuliani is a performer and dance-maker based in Brussels; she describes herself as a spoonie and an invisible crip. Trained as a dancer since the age of 5, she uses interdisciplinary languages gravitating around the body as a place of fantasy, vulnerability and affirmation of hidden narratives. She collaborated as a performer with Alessandro Schiattarella, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, and Annie Hanauer, among others.

Camilla Strandhagen, a performer and dance-maker based in Brussels, attempts through choreography to give attention to the unstable, weak, and seemingly invisible. Concerned about the tensions between physical and mental states, their works often evoke temporary places, in which the body becomes a sensorial site, to experiment with ways to encounter in precariousness and wonder. 


Creation and performance: Alice Giuliani & Camilla Strandhagen 
Sound design and performance: Antonella Fittipaldi
Light designer: Maureen Béguin
Production and artistic support: Pierre-Louis Kerbart 
Make-up: Zoé Hagen
Textile work: J BOY 
Scenography: Cate Jarema 
Dramaturgical support: Sophie Guisset 
Light designer assistant: Luna Duchaufour
Conversations: Seda Guektasch
Co-production: Beursschouwburg, kunstencentrum BUDA, workspacebrussels, Produzione Live Works/Centrale Fies 
Supported by Aldes, Operaestate Festival, L’Estruch fàbrica de créatio