Mohamed Toukabri The Power (of) The Fragile
dance premiere
TH 21.10 20:30
FR 22.10 20:30

In The Power (of) The Fragile Mohamed Toukabri brings two bodies to the fore: a powerful young one and a fragile old one. In the middle of a desolate ground he extends the edges in order to pass their memories to the future. The performance is a poetic treatment of the natural cycle of life and death, a creation, where the visual and auditive material support the physical appearance of the bodies of a man and a woman, a child and a mother, Mohamed’s and Mimouna’s. He investigates what a safe space is, and claims the answer to be the womb, a place beyond concepts and theories. Different tableaux will visualise the life cycle (childhood, youth, adult, old age, the dying body) and symbolic figures like the goddess will take the audience on a visual futuristic journey. Mohamed Toukabri draws inspiration from symbolic paintings, the danse macabre, nature, holy places, futuristic films and miniature art. A newly constructed language addresses the power of the fragile, transgressing questions of male and female by diving into fluidity and connecting contrasts.


Brussels-based choreographer and dancer Mohamed Toukabri was born in Tunis and began dancing at the age of 12, starting with breakdance. In 2008, he joined P.A.R.T.S. dance school in Brussels. He collaborated with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet, was a member of Needcompany (2013-2018), and performed in the re-make of the repertory piece Zeitung by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (2012) and Sacre? Printemps! by Aicha M’Barak and Hafiz Dhaou (2014). His first self-devised work The Upside Down Man was presented at Beursschouwburg in 2019. The work has been touring in Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria. It was selected for the Het Theatre Festival 2019 as part of the #NewYoung category.


In English

Concept and choreography: Mohamed Toukabri, Performance: Mimouna (Latifa) Khamessi and Mohamed Toukabri, Dramaturgy: Diane Fourdrignier: Technical direction: Lies Van Loock, Music: Annalena Frohlich, Costume designer: Ellada Damianou, Research & development: Eva Blaute, Executive production: Caravan Production, Coproduction: Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Needcompany, Beursschouwburg, With the support of The Flemish Authorities