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Rand Abou-Fakher

Rand Abou-Fakher

This rising-star film director is working on her first fiction feature film: about healing from the illusion of love, lost between empathy and guilt.

In her first fiction feature film, director Rand Abou-Fakher (she/her) explores the notion of forgiveness as long as our pain is not acknowledged. And memory as a sacred material on the way to heal. As well as the searching to belong in displacement and double life. With her unique visual approach and experimental way of directing, Rand sometimes, pleasantly blurs the line between fiction and reality.

Rand Abou-Fakher (1995, SYR) studied as a flutist in the Syrian Conservatory, broadening her practice in Brussels to audiovisual arts. Today, she works as a director, theatre actor, (art) project manager and programmer. Her short films Braided Love (2018) and So We Live (2020) have been shown at festivals and museums worldwide. In the process, So We Live won an Oscar Qualifying Award.

photo by Elena Majecki