Tashweesh festival 2018
Maryam Tafakory


Maryam Tafakory

Audiovisual Lecture TASHWEESH FESTIVAL
TH 18.10.2018 20:30

Audiovisual lecture about the representation of womanhood and the absence of female voice in Iranian post revolutionary cinema and media.

In this audiovisual lecture, Maryam Tafakory speaks about the absence of female voices in post-revolutionary cinema in Iran. Born in Shiraz, Tafakory now works in London as an artist and filmmaker. Partly in the form of a performance, she now examines her own work in terms of (self-) censorship, femininity, rights of transition, poetry and religion. On Tafakory's screen, all the boundaries between the personal and the political vanish right before our eyes.

As part of TASHWEESH, a 10-day multidisciplinary festival about feminism in the Middle-East, North Africa and Europe. w/ Goethe-Institut Brüssel

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