Antonia Baehr EXIT

Hashtag emergency exit sign.

SA 27.10.2018 20:30

Hurrah, Antonia is back! This Berlin artist mixes movement and images in order to investigate everyday theatre-of-life. EXIT deals with an ever-present, but mostly overlooked aspect of Western theatre buildings: the emergency exit signs. Like many theatre artists, Antonia Baehr has made constant efforts to fight against these signs, which make any real blackout impossible. In this lecture performance, however, she makes them the stars. EXIT takes us into a world between light and dark, in which the green light makes us think about the supposedly fixed oppositions of 'inside' and 'outside', 'safety' and 'danger', or 'body' and 'image'. It is a magical journey through the things that theatre tries to ignore and the Western image of humans it has helped to create.

As part of TASHWEESH, a 10-day multidisciplinary festival on feminism in the Middle-East, North Africa and Europe. w/ Goethe-Institut Brüssel

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