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Our associated artists
Nadjim Bigou-Fathi & Soto Labor

Nadjim Bigou-Fathi & Soto Labor

From speech to song, from text to score, from research to performance: this critical-poetic duo invites the audience to think about the production and transmission of histories.

FRSH (search for an object in a pocket) is a critical study of the production and performance methods of discourse: from speech to song, from gesture to dance, from text to score. Far beyond any distinction between research and performance, poetic duo soto labor and nadjim bigou-fathi focus their gaze on the power dynamics that determine how histories are produced and handed down. In doing so, they ask the audience to help think – with their ears and/or mouths – about how we can shuffle the cards again. Specifically, soto labor (they/them) and nadjim bigou-fathi (he/him) engage with theoretical and videographic materials and transform them into one/their performative language.

nadjim bigou-fathi (1990, FR) is a designer, visual artist and performer. He is concerned with the production of limits – from walls to words – and the normative, territorial or authoritarian dynamics behind them. Through curatorial, sculptural or performative projects, he investigates waiting and expecting situations, questioning the power relations between participants.

soto labor (1993, FR) is a poet, visual artist and performer. Strongly influenced by hip-hop as a means of empowerment, they explore different forms of telling and performing, exploring the conditions that make this (im)possible for some. Their short stories, fables, poems and rap lyrics thereby become tools for political critique.

photo by Elena Majecki