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Plata o plomo: the Golddiggers' game


Plata o plomo: the Golddiggers' game

game debate
FR 09.02.2018 17:00

Experience in the flesh how it feels to be one of the many stakeholders in a conflict generated by the quest for gold.

Would you like to know more about the issues of (gold) mining in Latin America? Immerse yourself in the case of La Colosa. In this simulation – led by Catapa, a movement that works around sustainable development, with a focus on the problems of mining in Latin America – you will find yourself to be one of the many stakeholders in this simulated exercise, and will negotiate with the other stakeholders.

La Colosa is the name of a projected mining project in Cajamarca, in Tolima, Colombia. This name was thought up by AGA (AngloGoldAshanti), the South African mining company that is actively exploiting this region. The underground gold reserve present in the region is estimated at 680,000 kg. The start of mining for this gold will have serious consequences for the surrounding natural environment and local communities.

Catapa focuses on protecting the rights and the uniqueness of local communities in third world countries. These communities are the victims of the ecological and social impacts caused by the establishment of national and multinational mining companies in their regions. CATAPA seeks constructive, peaceful answers and solutions for the social, cultural and ecological crises that go hand-in-hand with mining. They focus on education, sensitization, networking, research, lobbying, exchange and the support of local communities threatened by the multinational mining corporations.