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Silke Sarens The Bullet's Retreat


Silke Sarens The Bullet's Retreat

film BE premiere
WE 27.10.2021 20:30

Silke Sarens' first film accompanied by work from Maaike Neuville and Guillaume Vandenberghe & Raphael Kolacz.

2021, 21’30” 
in Dutch, French and English subtitles

On February 23, 2013, Silke's father was murdered in Mexico. Using his last itinerary, she goes searching for him, capturing the echoes left by the bullet in the void. Her own voice tries to make visible not only his absence, but also that of a latent criminality.

Direction, camera and voice: Silke Sarens, screenplay: Rebekka De Wit and Silke Sarens, sound: Simon Halsberghe, editing: Dieter Diependaele. 

Silke Sarens lives and works in Brussels, where she studied photography at the LUCA School of Arts. In her quest for encounters and connections, family is a recurrent subject. The Echo of the Bullet is her first film.


2018,  15’20”
in Dutch, English subtitles 

"And I know, all my life I will be tossed back and forth between the gentle happiness of feeling your presence in all that surrounds me and the sometimes excruciatingly simple realization that I'll never be able to hold you again."

Snapshots filmed by a daughter who lost her mother. The letting go, the falling and the getting up, all silently contained in the simplicity of these autobiographical images. A film as a process of mourning.

Maaike Neuville is a Belgian theater and film actress, filmmaker and writer. She starred in renowned Flemish TV series such as De Dag and De Twaalf and in films such as All of Us, Ghost Tropic, Goltzius and the pelican company. Since 2010 she has also been active as a film director. After completing the master year of film at Luca School of Arts (2012/2013) she made four short films, including her graduation film Sonnet 81 with which she won a VAFWildcard and the prize for the best debut at the International Short Film Festival Leuven. With the wildcard she made the short film Perfect Darkness which was praised at numerous international short film festivals. She is currently preparing a mini-series, Is a woman, which she wrote herself and will also direct. She is also working on her first feature film.


L’ÂME EST VAGABONDE  Guillaume Vandenberghe & Raphael Kolacz
2009,  9’30”

On June 29, 2009, the painter Philippe Vandenberg decided to take his own life. He was in his apartment in Brussels. His son goes back...

Direction and production: Guillaume Vandenberghe & Raphael Kolacz, camera: Guillaume Vandenberghe and Raphaël Kolacz, editing: Effi Weiss, sound: Marco Saez Martinez, music: Thomas Smetryns.

Guillaume Vandenberghe lives and works in Brussels. His previous documentaries include Cinéma Inch'allah ! (2012) and Rien n'est pardonné (2017). L'âme est vagabonde is the last short film in the trilogy Trois Lettres about his father, the painter Philippe Vandenberg, which he co-directed with Raphael Kolacz.