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An intimate conversation on Black Womxn Healing [postponed/cancelled]


An intimate conversation on Black Womxn Healing [postponed/cancelled]

FR 27.03.2020 18:30

w/ Black History Month Belgium

When gathering with other Black people, we're quick to exchange on what oppresses us. It is at the Root of our Health that we have also have safer spaces to focus on what makes us feel good and lift us up. This evening will be all about that.

After introducing the attendees to the houserules, the event will start with content creator (co-founder of the podcast Vocal About It) Sarah Diedro Jordao and panafricanist Doula Adidi Mbole Kasongo having a genuine conversation on what me-time looks like for them, how seeing therapists has helped their sanity, the meaning of Black sisterhood, their journey towards healing intergenerational trauma and towards self-love as Black Womxn, and how that self-love and their love for Black Womxn has powered many of their projects, and has led them to focus on Black Womxn in their various work, etc.

Sarah will then give a quick Black Love Toast before they open the floor for Q&A and conversations with the audience.

This workshop is open to people from the continent and members of the diaspora who identify as Black or Black/African.

FREE, but registration is mandatory, by email at