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Carolina Mendonça Something is Approaching


Carolina Mendonça Something is Approaching

choreography work-in-progress
SA 23.11 18:00 + talk

duration tbc
in Brazilian Portuguese, English and French
in collaboration with Próximamente Festival / KVS

Carolina Mendonça is investigating the notion of violence through writing and muscular rumination. What type of stories are stuck to our muscles that can be released by a bullet? Can our muscles dream of less violent narratives in a world that is collapsing? 

After the previous work Zones of Resplendence (presented in 2023), which focused on the imagination of what could be an army that fights against sexual violence, some questions became unavoidable, and some practices seemed to require more time. In this new project, Carolina and her team will continue to speculate how choreography and body practices can be a form of self-defense, this time investigating the violence embedded in the family's social structure.

This is a sharing of a work in progress after a residency in collaboration with Próximamente Festival before the performance will be presented at Beursschouwburg in autumn 2025.


Carolina Mendonça has a Master in Choreography and Performance at Giessen University in Germany and Graduated in Performing Arts at ECA-USP in Brazil. Her latest projects are Zones of Resplendence (2023) which speculates around feminist perspectives on violence, Sirens (2021), an attempt to listen to the sirens chant as a collective practice, Pulp - History as a Warm Wet Place (2018) which deals with an intuitive archaeology digesting the leftovers of the XVII-XVIII centuries, useless land (2018) where together with Catalina Insignares they invite de audience to sleep while they read through the night. Carolina was also one of the curators of NIDO (2022) together with Suely Rolnik and Victoria Perez Royo; of the Performing Arts Festival VERBO (2017) at Galeria Vermelho and Temporada de Dança (2017) at Videobrasil both in São Paulo. She develops practical theoretical research that she shares in the workshops dealing with telepathy, levitation and deep listening among other practices. Carolina always builds her work in collaboration with other artists such as Catalina Insignares, Marcelo Evelin, Marcela Santander, Dudu Quintanilha, and Carolina Bianchi. 


Concept and Direction: Carolina Mendonça
Performance and Creation: Carolina Mendonça and Lara Ferrari
Dramaturgy: Carolina Bianchi
Light Design: Leticia Skrycky and Laura Salerno
Outside Eye: Catalina Insignares
Costume and Space: Stef Assandri and Miguel Peñaranda