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SOLD OUT - JUICY ep-release


SOLD OUT - JUICY ep-release

FR 23.03.2018 21:30

De meest dynamische R&B coverband presenteert haar eerste en langverwachte hiphop ep!

Juicy is Julie Rens and Sasha Vovk, an all girl (power) duo from Belgium (fire!) ready to take the world by storm with their nostalgia infused blend of retro-futuristic R&B.

The duo started playing parties around Brussels two years ago as a nineties/00’s R&B and Hip Hop cover act. Their intoxicating (and highly humorous!) live shows steadily built into a hype that blew all the way over to Paris, France.

2018 shit’s about to get real, the divine and diabolical duo are about to unleash their first EP composed entirely of original Juicy tracks.

22:00 Mambele (dj set)
23:00 Elbi (live)
23:30 Mambele (dj set)
00:00 Juicy
1:00 Lucida Grande (dj set)
2:00 Mambele (dj set)