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Yokocho + LupaGangGang + Bwana w/ Thank Us Later


Yokocho + LupaGangGang + Bwana w/ Thank Us Later

TH 25.04 19:00


"Belgian new beat, tropical islands, '90s sound modules, and PlayStation 1 soundtracks — that's what you can expect. In short: electronic dance music, recorded live on tape machines. Sound interesting, isn't it?"


"An eclectic soundscape where instrumental mastery intertwines with vocal allure, and improvisation flirts with composed melodies. Dive into their world of dynamic exploration, where every note embodies a journey from adversity to triumph .”


"BWANA, crowned as the winner of Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting 2024, is the brainchild of Friedel Dufait, blending indie-pop/rock elements. With her captivating blend of melancholic guitar riffs, powerful vocals and authentic lyrics, she emerges as a formidable talent to watch.”

Presented by Busker Artist Agency
Graphics by Zeevaarder