THE ARTIST IS NOT PRESENT. THIS IS NOT NEW. — Four artists, not travelling to Beursschouwburg, on their absence and resistance.

This essential travel was not considered essential by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. — Mohamed Toukabri (Brussels/Tunis)



This is a time of loss and unheard stories. Four artists of our autumn programme are no longer travelling to Brussels. Not from Tunis, nor Bogotá, Nairobi or New Delhi. Their absence is strongly present.

Borders are closing, Europe too. Colonial entanglements, structural racism and violent systems of exclusion are becoming more apparent than ever under Covid-19. Which systems aid movement and which hinder it? What permits one person to travel and another not to? How are decisions being made, who takes decisions for you and under what circumstances?

Mohamed Toukabri, Mallika Taneja, Catalina Insignares and Ogutu Muraya share their thoughts on the current situation. This is what they have to say:



More than ever it has become exceptional to be able to enter the fortress. — Catalina Insignares (Bogota)

Now that we can’t get together, what does togetherness look like? — Mallika Taneja (New Delhi)

It is important to reflect on why certain restrictions are imposed on certain people, and for what purpose. — Ogutu Muraya (Nairobi)

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25 Oct


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