Masculine Poetry Unleashed
online open mic
FR 27.11.2020 19:00

w/ Hugo Mega & Kevin Fay

Share what is for you a masculine poem. It can be written by you or by anyone else. It can be poetry by a masculine author. It can be poetry with a masculine tone or writing style. It can also be poetry with masculine subject matter. What matters is that the poem relates explicitly for you to masculinity, regardless of content or language of expression.

Choose your poetry, invite your friends, and register in advance via your name + Unleashed), and specify if you will read or just listen. Both are welcome. 

In English


Hugo Mega is a life coach, holistic therapist, yoga teacher and artist based in Brussels. For the past 10 years, he has questioned, researched, and explored artistically and spiritually the themes of masculinity and femininity.

Kevin Fay moved to Brussels in 2016 and has worked with many choreographers as a dancer. Kevin also studies voice and works independently as a writer, editor, and transcriber with Engagement, State of the Arts, and Sarma. For the year starting September 2020, Kevin has a scholarship from the Flemish Authorities to conduct a year-long research project.