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Veduta presents Nomadic club night


Veduta presents Nomadic club night

FR 17.05 22:00

A club night following Veduta’s vernissage a stone’s throw away on Place du Jardin aux Fleurs earlier the same evening. w/ kelman duran, Sandy B & dg2fx b2b o’simmie

First up are Brussels-based sweethearts dg2fx & o’simmie, who will undoubtedly give it their all in a b2b home run. Both DJs, even though relatively new to the Brussels scene, have quickly established themselves as must-see artists.

Up next is international heavyweight kelman duran, who has been turning heads with his incredible mixture of experimental reggaeton, baile funk, dembow, ambient and dancehall. The Dominican producer, composer and visual artist can do it all with appearances at Horst Festival, Le Guess Who, and C2C Festival.

South-African kwaito legend and pioneer Sandy B will do the honors of concluding the evening. Back in the 90s, the artist released the first kwaito music record in Durban, South Africa.  Over time, his timeless sounds spread out to his country and years later got discovered by the world, earning him a dedicated following, especially from the crate diggers. Backed by Midnight Voodoo, he will be performing his discography. Rest assured, you do not want to miss this.

This event is part of Nomadic Bloemenhof / Jardin aux Fleurs, an annual social art project that brings artists, musicians, and cultural organisations together with residents, merchants, social initiatives, and institutions.

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Veduta is the result of merging the complementary activities of two non-profits, GROEF vzw and Moodprint vzw. Whilst one tried to get art out of its typical context, make it accessible and attract an audience less familiar with art, the other thrived in high-quality exhibitions and blending disciplines. Veduta combines the best of both organizations; conceptual as well as organizational. Our merge results in a strong team of 10 ambitious volunteers with each their area of expertise and interests.

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