Masculinity Circles Are We Allies?


Masculinity Circles Are We Allies?

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Men are privileged. There is no hiding it, no denying it. So how can men be allies from an already privileged position? Being an ally means deconstructing privilege! w/ Hugo Mega

In this upcoming series of circles we will take a step forward in deconstructing our own preconceived ideas around what it means to be privileged and explore the kinds of privilege we are unaware we possess.

Privilege takes many forms and directions, let’s look at it through the perspective of the matrix of oppression of patriarchy. Being an ally means understanding oneself in this hierarchical context and from there deconstruct one’s privilege. With clearer perspective we can more honestly stand with those we are joining. 

Through sharing, reflecting and learning about our own understanding of our individual and collective privilege we will step up into responsibility and accountability toward becoming better allies on the battles for systemic change. 

We will do the (inner) work to get to work! 

This series is open to people who identify as men.

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Hugo Mega (he/him) is a transformative coach, imagery therapist and artist based in Brussels. For the past 10 years, he has questioned, researched, and explored artistically and spiritually the themes of masculinity and femininity. In 2019, he started the project "Male Identities", a space for those identifying with being a men, to question and grow. Since, he’s been facilitating group conversations about feminism, deconstruction of patriarchy and development of healthier relations to masculinity.