Written Across Our Bodies
SA 25.11.2017 12:30 - 18:30

Written Across Our Bodies is a multi-cultural conversation revolving around the everyday and systemic forms of racism that people of color face. This is a space where people of color are encouraged to share their stories, their histories, and the issues that they face as “racial others”. Whenever and wherever possible we will try to find moments of recognition: moments where we understand the different ways that we are racialised. 

This is a space where we will also look for solidarity and healing. 
Interaction, improvisation, and inclusion are essential elements of this conversation. This space has been created to have an unapologetic, multidimensional conversation about the various forms and manifestations of racism that people of color face. From the very beginning we will establish a supportive community environment that will encourage collaboration, storytelling, and will require the collective participation of those in attendance. 

This workshop is open to people of color, including people who are mixed, or are of multicultural, multi-ethnic backgrounds. This workshop has been designed for people of color to discuss their experiences with race and racism not as an “outsider”, but as a group of individuals who know very well the parameters of race, people who have an “insider’s” perspective. This conversation is a multicultural, intersectional, intergenerational dialogue. This space is pro Women, Muslims and Jews, LGBTQI folk, Migrants, and those with various abilities.

EN spoken
This workshop will be led by Isaiah Lopaz, Him Noir.

In the framework of THE FUTURE IS FEMINIST