Eden Tinto Collins Roaming the Imaginal

A voyage through the cosmic void, nourished by sci-fi, DIY, surrealism, magic realism and cosmology.

25 JAN — 25 MAY

Eden Tinto Collins' work unfurls a cosmology inhabited by fantastic characters navigating through myth and the burlesque. The artist's imagination crosses genres, from music videos to narrative epic, crafting a flamboyant and hyperconnected world. Their films, texts, installations, paintings and performances invent scenarios "in no-fail, low-tech, DIY wor(l)ds, inspired by surrealism, magic realism, science fiction and cosmology".

'Roaming the Imaginal' is Eden Tinto Collins' first exhibition in Belgium. The project is part of the errant history of an interconnected, earthless otherworld. Roaming evades distance and invites us to explore the Imaginal world: on a cosmic seaside, the imaginary materialises. In her audiovisual installation, the artist creates a space where wandering turns into floating.

Eden Tinto Collins (she/they/we) developed their visual arts practise through the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris Cergy. As a poet, hypermedia artist, or - Trobairitz, Méta, she explores notions of networks and interdependence, f.r.ictions between melancholy, mythology, post-trans, even cyber-humanity. Her projects are relational, noetic (to put thought and spirit in relation) and her devices take the form of installations, video performances, and works that make use of voice and orality.

Their first story, ‘Bonne Arrivée’, was published in July 2021 in the collection fraîches fictions. That same summer, they opened the Acéphale Studio, in partnership with Societies, Apes, Sequens and the association Worms Prestige in Joinville-le-Pont (Val de Marne). Together, they gave shape to a third space dedicated to co-creation, image-making and gathering. Since 2022, Eden Tinto Collins has been developing a production house that started up a number of site-specific projects, including ‘Numin’ (a space opera) and ‘A Pinch Of Kola’ (a quantum sitcom).


exhibition curators | Sofia Dati & Niels Van Tomme
coproduction |  argos 
the exhibition is supported by | the Kadist Foundation & l'Institut Français
installed with | Anne Marie Himmelmann
design by | Atelier Brenda & Amélie Bakker
curatorial intern | Sina Eden


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