Can You Imagine?

Let's navigate narratives, explore the sensual and build futures together.

25 JAN — 25 MAY

Change starts with a small seed, a hint, a suggestion that what appears distant from reality is, in fact, imaginable and conceivable.

Can we imagine moving freely across borders, roaming as we please, and living anti-fascist futures? What if we didn’t need any excuses for pleasure? What if we could teach without dictating, and undo boundaries through touch? What if grief could bring us together? 

Imagination isn’t confined by laws and dogmas. If we let it, it can sketch futures out of a present that does not yet exist. We start sensing the temperature of radical transformation in our dreams, our stories and fantasies.

Can You Imagine? is an invitation to come together to rehearse an alternative present, challenging the conventional narratives of plausible futures. Join us this spring to think, feel, and connect beyond the tightening grip of univocal narratives. Let’s speculate wildly together, imagine radically, dream lovingly, and refuse the limitations set by polls, newsfeeds, and history lessons.

In the tapestry of our collective imagination, the intertwining threads of shared, multivocal dreams might suddenly turn out to be very real…


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Sophie Guisset
Rosie Sommers & Micha Goldberg
Castélie Yalombo Lilonge 
Khadija El Kharraz Alami 
Milø Slayers 
Joshua Serafin 
Nobody’s Indiscipline 
Myriam Lefkowitz 
Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat 
Bâtard festival
nadjim bigou-fathi & soto labor

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Alex Reynolds
Jota Mombaça
Endi Tupja
Sónia Vaz Borges
Filipa César
Clarice Gargard, Heleen Debeuckelaere & Recognition
Evan Ifekoya
Keira Greene
Eva Giolo, Katja Mater, Maaike Neuville, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat
Mostafa Derkaoui & Mustapha Bandini
nadjim bigou-fathi & soto labor
Léa Morin
L. Franklin Gilliam, S. Pearl Sharp, Onyeka Igwe & Cinenova
Sarah Lesoye
Éclats Festival 

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Eden Tinto Collins
Keira Greene

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conversations & workshops

Dis Mon Nom
Loraine Furter
School of Love

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Alex Sourbis
Artisjok Records, AliA b2b Regular XL, Bass Toast, Moene x Bruno, Shy One
Clara Lissens
Dame Area
Farida Amadou
Gloom Club
gone icon
Kwart Voor Straks
Promesses x Isengard, Lilo, Donna Candy; Nonchalanté Partners, Tommy Moisi, Vinesset
senna JMB
Thank Us Later

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