Osàre! Editions x Nose Job w/ Azu Tiwaline + Elena Colombi + Rick Shiver


Osàre! Editions x Nose Job w/ Azu Tiwaline + Elena Colombi + Rick Shiver

SA 24.02 20:00

Prepare for an electrifying double dose of live-set-excitement as Osàre!'s label honcho Elena takes the stage for her first live, while guest of honour Azu delivers a mesmerising blend of deep hypnotic and polyrhythmic beats.

20:00 Rick Shiver (ambient set) 
21:15 Elena Colombi (live) 
22:00 Rick Shiver
22:30 Azu Tiwaline (live)
23:30 Rick Shiver


As a producer and DJ, Azu Tiwaline creates worlds wherein people can hear, see and learn from each other. Evoking a sense of cosmic connection in the maelstrom of life, she considers her music to be an extension of herself, transformed into abundant rhythmic energy. With her prodigious ability to channel vast inner worlds into the outward joy of dance and movement, Azu made quite an impression at festivals such as Dimensions, Unsound Adelaide and the Mostra showcase festival in Barcelona. Firmly rooted in the freedom of Soundsystem psychedelia, Azu's extraordinary musical vision brings vibrant influences from Tunisia's El Djerid desert to the supernatural spaciousness of dub, with the groovy and dynamic exuberance of techno. In her own productions (released by I.O.T. Records, Marseille and Livity Sound, Bristol) and podcasts (for Rinse FM, picked up by Dekmantel and Resident Advisor, among others), downtempo and folk elements lend a subtler serenity. What better way to celebrate the birthday of Osare! 


Elena Colombi
While many DJs claim to champion liberal eclecticism, few of them genuinely break boundaries or avoid convention. Which brings us to Elena Colombi, an Italian DJ and radio presenter who calls any place between London and Berlin home, while nestling in between obscure post-punk, fresh jungle and polyrhythmic techno. Besides being mind-blowing and uncompromising, their sets aim to engage with the emotions of listeners and dancers alike, through changes in intensity, tone, lightness and darkness. Their distinctive approach relies on a broad understanding of different musical cultures, sounds and rhythms, acquired by travelling the world with their family at a young age. Since Elena founded Osare Editions five years ago – "Osare" means "dare" in Italian – the label has released records, tapes, digital music, prints and merch from a wide range of artists. And since 2023, that includes music by Elena herself, in the form of collabs, live performance and even art installations. Their live set at the Brussels Osare birthday party sounds like the start of another 5 bold years (at least!). Hooray!!!


Rick Shiver is a DJ, producer, graphic designer and Brussels' favourite tropical dandy. He is the honcho of Nose Job – the perpetually incisive label for music, parties, mixes, gigs, noise, rumours and more. Behind the decks, Rick seamlessly blends a wide range of new/old sounds and styles while staying focused on one thing: making people move/be moved. He has played at Salon des Amateurs, Klub 20/44, Sameheads, Opium, among others, and was granted residencies at Kiosk and Lyl Radio. He produces tunes such as Chili Cha Cha and Louizilla, and plays in bands called Means Of Escape and Rattenkop. It's happened more than once that upon discovering a new DJ, we learned that they had pancakes with Rick 3 years ago. It goes without saying that this bold persona with a knack for quality will be joining Osare's bday bash.