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my porny valentine


my porny valentine

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MO 14.02.2022 17:00 - 23:30

Queer porn.

Slide the curtain aside and enter the porn bar. Enjoy watching porno films and visit the porny market, all with a focus on pleasure, respect, intimacy, passion, love and lust.

In this year's edition of queer Valentine's entertainment, we will be catching glimpses of femmedomm, ritual brujxs, trans reproduction, lockdown home videos, blind dates and futuristic sex dance comedy.

A ticket gives you access to the bar, the market & all films.


Drinks & music in the porny bar. Visit the market on the 1st floor!


Black Sex Magic – BEYONDEEP (8:00) 
The Receiver – Salty Chéri (Praline Studio) (32:00)


Fucking Freaks Club (première) – Nour Beetch and Lisa Lapierre (18:38)
Discovery – Nora Smith (13:37)


Birth of Venus – Four Chambers (12:35)
Hard at work – Mahx Capacity (12:38)
Progressive Touch – Michael Portnoy (13:00)


Another beautiful creature – Mahx Capacity (15:22)
Merci Madame Manon – Manon Praline (21:00)

market by Bebe Books, Luciefer Style, Theyriel, Mac Coco & Tamara Lortkipanidze
music by mandy pixel
scenography by GOLADAMIAN
in collaboration with Stien De Vrieze

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