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My Porny Valentine


My Porny Valentine

film market
WE 14.02 18:00 sold out

A spicy, queer, porny celebration.

Queer porn is rebellion wrapped in a celebration, a joyous uproar expressing the unseen, the unheard, the shameful and the forbidden. It's the grain of sand disrupting the smooth machinery, the delightful screech on our polished horizons, that tingling sensation shifting our world perceptions.

Celebrating Valentine? Absolutely! Your Valentines will be on a powerful porny screen and in their eyes, intertwined with respect and curiosity, dialogue and consent, desire and pleasure, you will see the fiery delight of speaking out.

This year, brace yourselves for experiencing a fantastic symphony, observing the joy of sharing, connecting with bodies capturing their epic tales, listening to fringe voices, laughing at eccentrically arty and humorous films and meeting souls through porny documentaries.

Dear queer, see you on 14 Feb.



Lost In Projections — 19:00

CLAP !, Clap, BE, 2022, 06’43”

2 OR 3 THINGS I LIKE ABOUT HIM, Paul Stümke, Billy Vega, Jamal Phoenix, DE, 2021, 15’, EN ST FR

EMBRASSE-MOI DU REGARD, Rubis Collective, BE, 2023, 20’30”, FR ST EN


Fiery Feast — 20:00

SNACK TIME, House of Huitlacooch, US, 2021, 5’, EN


BETTER THAN CLEAN, Cochon de Cauchemar, Torri Lisek, DE, 2020, 11’30”, EN ST FR

CUM AS YOU ARE, Hanna Schaich, DE, 2022, 12’28”, EN ST FR


Musicholes — 21:00


PISTA, hyperlinque, BR, 2023, 13’39”, PT ST EN

FUNGHI BOOST, Bande James Bond, BE, 2023, 13’


Docu Time — 22:00

OLD STUFF NEVER DIES, Nour Beetch, Nicky Lapierre, BE, 2023, 20’, FR ST EN

MASTURBATION(S), PornProcess 3, BE, 2023, 16’, FR ST EN


Up Uranus — 23:00

UP URANUS, Tara Emory, US, 2022, 44’, EN ST FR



<3 bring cash <3

Wicked Clarence is a trans owned stainless steel jewellery & accessories brand. Infused with punk, BDSM and queer culture.


George Sade is a woman-owned business. She has created a colourful brand to match her need for kitsch and love of BDSM culture. Vegan harnesses and upcycled goods for everyone! No item is gender specific and all pieces are adaptable to be as inclusive as possible. She'll be bringing some ready-to-wear harnesses, chokers and more. Don't hesitate to ask for a custom piece! 


ZYLE is a self-taught illustrator from Brussels. She's inspired by her experiences as a sex worker, mythological and legendary symbolism and pop culture. Her work, with its bright, contrasting colours and naive style, mixes drawing and text, tenderness and aggression, social femininity and monstrosity.


Maddie, daughter of the sun and the stars. She loves to create communion between souls. She has been practicing tarot for 5 years. For her it's a way to give love and attention to each other. She listens and helps you to find the beauty in your soul. A world of kindness. 


Sometimes vulgar, sometimes poetic, the fusion of Nour Beetch & Nicky Lapierre X Youpron is an authentic cocktail of kitsch & intimacy. Between pop references and subculture, the two collectives come together to deconstruct some of the major porn stereotypes. From the 1930s to the present day, they take up, in their own spicy, fun, queer and anti-conformist way, visuals long assigned to the pleasure of a single genre. Uncompromising, raw and radical, their Hot & Badass magazine is here to make everyone's eyes light up.

With this collaboration, they propose to revisit adult content - which is all too often normative, racist, sexist, homophobic, trans and fatphobic - and turn it into a standard-bearer for queer diversity. A whole heterogeneous universe unfolds around this industry: from the scenography of a porn magazine publishing office to the catalogue of the most beautiful covers, from wild posters to sensitive manifestos, they offer a space to question the representation of phantasms.


Fogo (she/he/they) follows their life path through the sharing of healing practices in various forms. As a Holistic Practitioner (one of their hats ), he shares their knowledge and senses for the expansion of themself, the community and the world while connecting to the body-mind centre as the focus point of her research. Your cells feel, nourish and live like all the cells that surround us in every living being, and they all carry messages too. Living in your inner world is as important as living in the outer world. How can you understand what's going on in the universe of your body if you're not connected to it?

Through the energetic hand massage they offer, you can listen to and observe these messages in a soft-core way, letting yourself be guided by their powerful hands. 


Working at the intersection of performance and sculpture, Cee Füllemann (CH/BE) is interested in emphasizing the experience of forms and materials as living organisms. Their recent researches are exploring forms of intimacies and present them as fundamental approaches to create a space for collaborative practice. Their work expands on the politics of kinship and its function in the production of intimate knowledge.

For my porny valentine market, Cee will be offering homemade natural lubricants for your slippery desires as well as a range of hot content ceramics to go with it. The homemade lube is an opportunity to share knowledge about sexual experiences and discuss DIY practices together. This simple recipe offers an easy and natural way to keep all your pleasures slippery.

Stay juicy. 


For this edition, Les Imprimeurs bring hot visuals in live flash print to spice up your clothes! You can bring your own blank or partially printed clothes and we'll personalise them with the visuals of your choice! We'll also have some samples of blank textiles: crop-tops, thongs, T-shirts, clutches... We look forward to embellishing your clothes!


Tine (she/they) is a sex educator, a 'clitustrator' and a sex toy consulent. She is the creator of both Ontbloot and Clitsawonderfulworld. Tine will be available for free advice about everything you need to know to find your perfect new nightstand companion. They will talk you through all the beautiful toys (which will be present for you to feel and touch) with a bubbly open energy you can't get enough of. Let Tine guide you to your way to pleasure and take your favourite vibes home with you. 


Films curated by Cilu Dièl.
A graduate in human and social sciences (Paris X, Nanterre), then specialised in film editing (Insas, Brussels), Cilu directs short films in strange and whimsical, though often not very virtuous, worlds. As founder of the Brussels Porn Film Festival and driving force behind SNAP! (Sexworkers Narrative Arts and Performance) festival, she considers the artistic expression of sexuality to be a legitimate work in its own right, as well as a radical reassertion of power.


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