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Movulango & Friends Frankie + ATM Sniper Victim + Acte Bonté


Movulango & Friends Frankie + ATM Sniper Victim + Acte Bonté

TH 16.05 20:00

A semi-electronic delirium that sometimes sounds soft, sometimes loud but always infinite. 

Movulango’s musical paintings are a visual and intuitive reflection of what it feels like to be him. His weekly radio show, Radio Atlantis on StuBru, Belgium, is a clever alias he uses to explore different worlds, deconstruct existing music and blend it with his own musical experiments. Everywhere you listen there are textural harmonies. This isn’t music built on one narrative. Movulango understands that music – like life – doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There isn’t one truth, but thousands of competing, individual stories that when handled delicately can co-exist and actually transcend all source material.

His latest project ‘The Irony’ is further insight into Movulango's devine mind, building deeply personal stories on feeling and emotion that bundle into soaring melodies and lyrics. You can try your best to understand what it all means or you can sit back and let them bewitch your mind and soul.

Frankie, the band who ignored producing music until they built their own record machine in an old Mitsubishi workshop in Brussels. Their live shows are dangerous and deranged, their microphones more cracked and dust web covered than Dan Melchior, Billy Childish and Ben Wallers combined.

A.T.M. sniper victim was born at a meeting in 2023 around a super-sized solid marble table. A lot of subjects came up in the chatter between the members of Gut Model and Milk TV. The idea of a rock band came up, however, after listening to and discovering the superb crap compositions of a certain Lucas Roger. He was then completely flabbergasted when the band added some completely rubbish drum rolls, guitar misfires, crappy metal noises and bass lines badly played by a dunce in the field. The noisy conspiracy is now taking to the stages to spread its post-metronomic laments. The band draws as much inspiration from branlox no-wave as it does from prog rock bullshit.

Acte bonté is the electronic duo of sisters Rébecca and Fiona Bonté. Since 2018, their obsessional loops, occasional kicks, and ethereal auto-tuned melodies have echoed in many basements and backyards in Western Europe. Their synths, sampler and drum machine are haunted by an estimated 9 volt electric current.  On their latest record, ‘Service de nuit’ (‘Night shift’), they articulate some of their favourite themes - such as heartbreak, lonely nightlife, low-key agony - in eight minimalist songs and instrumentals that earned them the affectionate nickname ’the Prozac Sisters’.