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Moor Mother + SVDU


Moor Mother + SVDU

FR 06.05.2022 20:00

A holographic potion from an Afrotopic dream, at once goddess and warrior, mystic and cyborg, griot and futurist, chiseling musings on pain and protest into our consciousness. 

20:00 doors
20:30 SVDU
21:30 Moor Mother

Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother is a musician, slam poet, activist and multidisciplinary artist from Philadelphia. She is a singer in Irreversible Entanglements, MoorJewelry and 700bliss.

Her latest album BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AIR, recorded at home in March 2020, is the joint work of Moor Mother and soundscape artist and producer Olof Melander. Springing from extra beats and ideas from Jazzcodes, an earlier collaboration, this document goes way beyond the initial compilation of unreleased tracks that they had in mind. The album is a savory but pared down beat mixture of futuristic soul, anti-trip hop, surreptitious rap vocals and other dark matters.

Moor Mother gathers a multitude of instruments and voices to create something strange and unfamiliar, like a guide for time travelers of the modern world, a post-everything 12:01 after the countdown to the apocalypse, in other words: the first minute of whatever comes next.

Intergalactic poet Loucka Fiagan was born in Brussels and raised in Togo. They use their computer as their main tool to mix and remix sounds, images, words and ideas into their own rhythmic and poetic universe. Their music is mostly inspired by abstract hip hop, ambient music, beat poetry, noise and punk.