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Grove + Denzel Himself + iced lattina


Grove + Denzel Himself + iced lattina

WE 24.04 20:00

Future hip-hop for gothic cowboys and queer dancehall sound systems. 

20:00 iced lattina
21:00 Denzel Himself
22:00 Grove
23:00 iced lattina
00:00 end


Driven by sensual liberation and political resistance, producer and singer Grove likes to twist dancehall, bass and hip-hop into a brand new beast. Inspired by a DIY spirit and a punk ethos, tapping into the cathartic power & music of Jamaican soundsystems, Grove's music provides food for thought while dancing, and the energy to propel your awakening into action.

Since 2021, Grove has released a series of EPs, such as ‘Queer + Black’; an exploration of identity, both personal and political, and a deft combination of punchy hooks and pulverising beats. Through a radical yet playful lens, his latest double EP ‘P*W*R // PL*Y’ explores a plethora of power relations. In the past 2 years, Grove has been crushing it at festivals around the world, providing support acts for the likes of Bob Vylan, Peaches, BABii & Moonchild Sanelly.

Denzel Himself

Denzel Himself is a rapper and multidisciplinary artist from the outskirts of London. While his irresistible output of gothic and hardcore hip-hop has been described as "Dilla's brain in Manson's skull", his artistic vision reaches way beyond that. As if Lil Nas X and ho9909 had a rebellious teenage love baby, his visual universe bursts with an aggressive appetite for more.

Which is made all the more impressive by the fact that Denzel Himself composes, produces and performs... everything himself. Which might be the reason why early supporter and PC Music co-founder A. G. Cook booked him for a (now legendary) gig at the PC Music Pop Crypt in November 2023.

After the EP ‘Goth Cowboy: Country Songs for Grudge-Holders’ in 2022 and a string of singles bearing the word "Goth" in 2023, we look forward to an as-yet mysterious, but most-likely-hot-gothic debut album. In the meantime, you'll have to come and experience this hybrid visionary yourself (on you know-which-rooftop).

iced lattina

iced lattina steps behind the decks with vulnerability and contemplation. As the queen of musical catharsis, her carefully curated selections offer listeners an outlet for hidden frustrations.

As a curator at Kiosk Radio, she presents diverse electronic artists from Brussels and beyond, ranging from ambient to trap to drill. iced lattina's genre-transcending sets embrace unpredictability while challenging the norms and conventions of club music. As a queer woman of colour, she strives for genuine diversity in all musical spaces.




image Grove | Khaliphotography 
image iced lattina | Jitse Roels