East from West Screening programme by Ingel Vaikla

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East from West Screening programme by Ingel Vaikla

online film screening
WE 02.12.2020 19:30

Rethinking the dystopian narrative of Eastern European identity: a programme of films addressing the fiction between personal and collective memory. 

How can a visual culture influence our gaze and our opinions? With her screening programme East from West, Ingel Vaikla invites you to consider the role of images in the construction of identities, people and places. The selected films range from documentary to science fiction, touching upon concepts of memory, socialist history and the distorted utopia of modernity. Discover new ways to think about our relationship with the built environment, our anxieties around failure, and the unknown.


Introduction by Laura Toots, curator of Ingel's expo Shapes and Distances

511 Best Photographs of Mars (Andres Sööt,1968, Estonia, 14 min)

From My Window (Jozef Robakowski, Poland, 19 min)

Double Exposure (Ingel Vaikla, Belgium/Estonia, 13min)

Horizon (Sid Iandovka, Anya Tsyrlina, 2019, Switzerland/Russia, 7 min)

Revisiting Solaris (Deimantas Narkevicius, 2007, Lithuania, 18 min)

Monument of Distance (Azar Saiyar, 2018, Finland, 7 min)

Followed by a talk with Alicja exploring the background of Ingel’s work and the contexts of the other artists’ films.


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Ingel Vaikla (1992, Estonia) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Belgium. Vaikla’s artistic research focuses on the relationship between architecture and its users, and the representation of architecture in photography, video and film.

Alicja Melzacka (Poland, 1993) is a graduate of the Curatorial Studies programme at KASK, Ghent (2018). She has a background in art history (University of Gdansk), applied linguistics (University of Gdansk and Technische Universität Braunschweig), and heritage studies (Maastricht University). She is currently working as an independent curator, researcher, and writer and as an associated tutor at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She is one of the members of the artist collective Nowhere, focused on the presentation of contemporary artistic practices through the format of an online magazine.