Saodat Ismailova Aral, Fishing in an Invisible Sea - The Haunted


Saodat Ismailova Aral, Fishing in an Invisible Sea - The Haunted

TH 23.11 20:30

Saodat Ismailova unfolds her practice through screenings, discussions, and gatherings w/ LUCA School of Arts & DocNomads

Saodat Ismailova & Carlos Casas Aral, Fishing in an Invisible Sea, 2004, 52 min

A documentary about the Aral Sea—originally one of the world’s largest lakes until the Soviet Union steadily diverted its water sources, reducing it to 10% of its original size—and the three remaining generations of fishermen on the lake.

Saodat Ismailova The Haunted, 2017, 24 min

An imaginary encounter with extinct Turkestan tiger, that fell as a victim during colonization of Central Asia. Today the tiger keeps on living in the collective memory and dreams of local people, as a sacred archetype.


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Saodat Ismailova is an Uzbek filmmaker and artist graduated from Tashkent State Art Institute in Uzbekistan and Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts in France. Her films and video installations were presented in Biennale of Venice, Berlinale IFF, Rotterdam IFF, CPH DOX etc. Works of Saodat Ismailova are in collection of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Centre Pompidou, Paris and Almaty Museum of Arts, Kazakhstan and private collections.

In 2022 Saodat Ismailova participated in 59th Biennale of Venice’s exhibition “Milk of Dreams” and presented new work at documenta fifteen for which has also initiated Davra collective from Central Asia. In 2022, Ismailova received The Eye Art & Film Prize, Amsterdam.


This programme is made in collaboration with LUCA School of Arts and DocNomads.