Katja Mater 26 sun discs on 26 wrists – a performance


Katja Mater 26 sun discs on 26 wrists – a performance

27 NOV — 16 DEC 2023

Artist Katja Mater invites the Beursschouwburg team to move with solar time.



"Dear Beursschouwburg staff member,

   During the week of the 27th of November until the 3rd of December 2023 I would like to invite you to be part of a performance.

   A one week long performance for the Beursschouwburg audience, by you.
   Or perhaps, rather a week long performance by you, for you.

   I would like to invite you to wear a wrist sun disc for this one week, both in and outside of the Beursschouwburg, while you are working here, but also on your way to work, in the supermarket, at your friends house, in the park. And off course (this is important) only if you would like to participate.

   Regular watches tell us the indifferent time of the modern 24-hour system – a system that artificially divides our days up into regulated units that are the same everywhere, for all bodies, in all conditions, and across all seasons.* 

   These wrist sun discs have no numerical divisions. Instead, they are made with blank discs of polished brass; small, circular reflectors that shine and reflect with the shifting conditions of illumination of the sun coming into the building throughout the day. And with the artificial indoor lighting of the Beursschouwburg's many lamps after sundown.

   An invitation to move with solar time and surrender to the body clock by stepping back from, and operating in resistance of monorhythmic, linear structured greenwich mean time, with its colonial politics of measurement and its capital demands of punctuality, productivity and efficiency.

   These watches will be telling a time that is determined by the orientations and the movements of your body. On brighter days, the time on these watches will shine brighter. If you stand by the window or under a blazing theater lamp the watch might tell a time of brilliant sparkel and fleeting flashes.*

Thank you for considering,

Katja Mater"


*excepts from the essay for They (The Hours) by Amelia Groom.


Katja Mater is a visual artist, editor, organizer and educator who studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and subsequently at the postdoctoral instituut de Ateliers in Amsterdam, with a practice that focuses on the parameters of photography and film as non-transparent media. By creating hybrids between photography, film, drawing, performance and installation Mater documents something that is often positioned beyond our human ability to see.

Next to a solo practice as a visual artist Katja is involved in different collaborative projects as editor of Girls Like Us Magazine since 2014 and as one of the founding member of Mothers & Daughters, a Lesbian* and Trans* Bar.

Katja Mater is represented by LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina.