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It’s a date!


It’s a date!

conversations food film screening
WE 23.06.2021 12:00 - 16:00

Artists and activists will prepare and share foods that carry a story of the nuanced practices of erasure embedded in the colonial project in Palestine. Join them on our doorstep for food and conversation!

Apartheid practices affect Palestinian food sovereignty, access to water and agricultural land, ancestral practices of wild forging—all essential to the food on the table. Let's eat together and find out how we can fair trade for Palestine.

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SCREENING: Palestine . Reimagining Solidarity . a Conference of Butterflies 

A film of a conference (organized by Exit Plans Palestine, Commonist Museum of Palestine and 16 Beaver ) that took place in May of 2001 and invited contributors to consider what solidarity with Justice and Freedom in Palestine looks like in affinity and convergence to other struggles: Feminist struggles, struggles of indigenous communities across the planet, struggles for Black Life, for abolition of police, prisons, and the carceral state.

Contributions made by critical voices/thinkers including Munir Fasheh, Judith Butler, Samera Esmeir, Robin D.G. Kelley, Sherene Seikaly, Silvia Federici, Walter Mignolo, Amira Silmi, Franco ‘Bifo Berardi’ among others.


A collaboration by artist in residence Samah Hijawi and the Imtidad collective

Image: The Story of the Watermelon (2007) by Khaled Hourani