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Jiu Jitsu Class

Jiu Jitsu Class

FR 17.03.2023 17:00

Gratis zelfverdedigingsles door de Brusselse Brazilian JiuJitsu Academy

Jiu jitsu initially comes from the family of Japanese martial arts. It involves close combat and was practised by the English Suffragette movement of the beginning 20th century that clearly set standards in the history of modern self-defense constellations. Initially offered as a technique for women to defend themselves within the domestic as much as public sphere of the early 1900s in England, it was adopted quickly by the political struggle and against police violence. Not only did it serve as a way to connect with the body but also to stay alert, flexible and be prepared for possible violent attacks. Ever since, Jiujitsu has been a reference for feminist movements as a practice of self-defense. In this workshop, you will learn first basic movements.

90 minutes

in English, Dutch & French, but no language is needed in order to participate in the class

This workshop is open to everyone and involves lots of physical action, but no prior knowledge is needed.

Please bring comfortable clothes to be able to move freely.

Brazilian Jiujitsu found its way to Brussels in the 1990s. The Brussels Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy (BBJJA) was founded in 2000 and was one of the first academies in Europe to offer Brazilian Jiu jitsu classes also for children. It supports initiatives aimed at the emancipation of children and young people, inside or outside the club in the Molenbeek neighbourhood, and offers classes to everyone.