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how to relate


reading gesprek
SA 04.03.2023 16:00 - 19:00

With the question, how do we relate to us and to others as a way of resisting oppressing systems, daily (micro)agressions and repetitive conditions of inequality, we invite three makers to share with us several texts and open a dialogue with the public. These texts are freely chosen and can be personal or readings of existing texts.

Come join and encounter yet another approach how to relate and what we can exchange and share with each other. The readings will be around 20 minutes ling with a following open discussion. Feel free to bring your own texts or texts you would like to share, connecting to the question of relating as a form of gentle resistance.

In English

16:00 Sarah Saleh

Where Should We Go After the Last Frontier -  identity and resistance in different non-localities and diasporic spaces

17:00 Dušica Dražić 

Forest as a transnational, political, social and cultural collective entity

18:00 Madonna

Letter of Lord Chandos - to remain soft and open to the very small...


Part of How To Relate, a programme by Julia Reist in collaboration with the project Landing on Feathers by Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm