Yumi Osanai & Boryana Todorova Trepkodoune
video, installation, DANSES EN FÊTE
SA 28.04.2018 14:30 - 20:00

Trepkodoune is a combination of Japanese (kodou) and Bulgarian (treptene), and means ‘pulsation’.

Yumi Osanai and Boryana Todorova are fascinated by our different rhythms of language, habit, gesture, movement, emotion and life. They believe that each of these rhythms has a pulsation that was formed when we were born and that is influenced by our experiences of childhood. The starting point of the performance score are two poems: Kogiku by Tomihiro Hoshino and Dve Houbavi Otchi by Peyo Yavorov. Their rhythms are transformed into gesture, movement, sound, and a visual installation. The performance was presented at cc Strombeek in February. During Dance Day, the duo presents the video version of their work.


Creation & performance: Boryana Todorova & Yumi Osanai – Sound artist: Johann Loiseau – Lighting design: Emilie Schoumaker – Photos & video: Alice Piemme & Brian Den Hartog – Installation: Minh Duc Nguyen – Production: workspacebrussels & cc Strombeek – Support: VGC – Thanks to: fieldworks, Guillaume Possoz, Raymond Delepierre, Ciril Clement, Emi Kodama, Satu Peltoniemi, Titanne Bregentzer, Drita Kotaji, Elisabeth Bard

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