WILL YOU MARRY ME? Artist’s Book

Sara Leghissa's public performance WILL YOU MARRY ME? transformed into other things, including a book published by NERO Editions. This week for sale at Rile bookshop!

WILL YOU MARRY ME ?, Artist’s Book by Sara Leghissa and Marzia Dalfini is a book whose ultimate ambition is to “disappear on the street”. Its pages collect words and stories of people whose right to exist and be visible in public spaces was forced to confront the concepts of “legality” and “justice”. All the content was collected by the artist during meetings and conversations that took place in Prato, Milan, Ramallah, Marseille, Madrid, Nyon and Lausanne and with this book-object their words become manifestos that the reader is invited to detach and relocate into the public space.

Sara Leghissa is an independent artist and researcher. Her performative practice takes place mainly in public spaces, using as much as possible what is already available around her, in order to transform contexts, connect communities and explore the dynamics of living and interacting together. 

Book Tool from a project by Sara Leghissa in collaboration with Marzia Dalfini Design Marzia Dalfini Published by NERO with the support of L'Altra  neroeditions.com

The book can be purchased for 15 Euros in the box office on the days of the Beursschouwburg opening: 17-19 September and until 26 of September at Rile bookshop, 62 Rue des Commerçants, 1000 Brussels.

The performance took place on Sunday, 19th of September at  3pm in French, 4.30pm in English at Place de la Bourse