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Volta presents senna JMB + gone icon + sunchaser


Volta presents senna JMB + gone icon + sunchaser

WE 21.02 19:30

Release party du premier album post-punk-pop-rap de senna JMB, piano bangers tout frais et shoegaze chatoyant — une soirée de découvertes musicales.

19:30 Sunchaser
20:15 gone icon
21:15 Senna JMB

senna JMB will present his debut album ‘Purity’ live, joining forces with Kiche.

He has invited both gone icon and Sunchaser for this special occasion. gone icon will be returning onstage with fresh piano bangers, Sunchaser (Instar + leop4rdi) are set to perform their shimmering sounds as a duo live for the very first time.

In the enigmatic universe of Brussels-based artist senna JMB, contemporary cloud rap intertwines with energetic post-punk traces, flashy electronics, and slightly wayward pop nods. Along with the colorful productions of go-to producer Kiche, senna JMB mixes the energetic and the melancholic as well as the mysterious and the personal into his intuitive take on rap. On debut album 'Purity', set for release February 2nd, contemporary pop rap atmospheres interact with feverish guitar sounds resulting in a vernacular that is undeniably its own.


The music of gone icon can be described as piano bangers with cherry-like vocals on top.


Not entirely loyal to any genre, Sunchaser embraces sounds shimmering and free-floating and chases those dreams, into the distance…


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