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From Athens to Brussels with love


From Athens to Brussels with love

SA 04.05 22:00

A party for lovers, aficionados and freaks.

Draw your swords, sharpen your blades and get ready for an extra special ATH/BRU LOVE première with this duel for the ages; Adi B2B K.atou, Kondaktor destroying the dance floor with his sledgehammer-like beats Blu:sh pushing a sweaty, trance-inducing groove and the always enigmatic Bora Bora.   


22:30-00:00 Kondaktor (GR) 

00:00-01:30 Bora Bora (BE/GR) 

01:30-03:00 Blu:sh (FR) 

03:00-05:00 Adi B2B K.atou (CO/GR)

Visual by Pam&Jenny