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Èlg et la Chimie + Justine Grillet


Èlg et la Chimie + Justine Grillet

SA 30.10.2021 20:30

Since 2004, Laurent Gérard alias Èlg (Opéra Mort, Orgue Agnès) has never ceased to draw the sonic equivalent of concentric spirals and labyrinths made of cedars, brambles and guts. By constantly renewing his instrumentarium over the years, he has built improbable bridges between musique concrète and songwriting (Vu du Dôme, Mauve Zone), diagonal spoken word and wormhole (Amiral Prose), electronic incantations in crypt and blob choirs (Mil Pluton, La Chimie). The language is sometimes francophone, sometimes reduced to an alien babble, invoking the old man, the madman, the child, the dusty revenant, the epileptic bard or the messenger of love.

In 2019 he began composing a series of sound paintings to illustrate multiple states of being, which constitute the album "Dans le Salon du Nous", scheduled for release at the end of november 2021 on the Belgian label Vlek. He collaborated with his brother Mim on the production, and numerous collaborators across the tracks and the result is a stirring journey, whispered, sung and shouted flat on the stomach on the great slide that leads from birth to the Bardo. This experience lead to the formation of an ensemble to dig into this raw energy and redraw the contours of the record again and feel confident enough to present the most pop side of his fractal brain live. Together with Marie Nachury, Johann Mazé, Aurore Debret and Alexandre Menexiadis,  Èlg composes new songs with drawers and summons three mutant musicians whose imagination, personality and almost vegetal elasticity exceeded all expectations from the very first rehearsals.

Young Antwerpian Justine Grillet uses sculptures - ceramic and otherwise - as well as disparate homemade instruments to create tantalizingly ethereal sounds. Heavily inspired by dragons and other mythological figments, her songs hold a dreamy quality that evoke the mellow adventurousness of video gamey landscapes. These exquisite sonic creations, subtle as they may be, are a blissful trap; check out her lovely Zaga Island for some free imaginary travels while you can.

20:00 doors
20:30 Justine Grillet
21:40 Èlg et la Chimie
23:00 end

Photo Èlg © Johan Poezevara - Fabien Silvestre Suzor
Photo Justine Grillet © Pieter Wouters