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Anaesthesia Night w/ Alex Sourbis, Clara Lissens, Lilolance, Marie Van Roost & Violeta Borges Marquez


Anaesthesia Night w/ Alex Sourbis, Clara Lissens, Lilolance, Marie Van Roost & Violeta Borges Marquez

installation performance music
FR 12.01 19:00

An evening experimenting with the enchanting and soothing capabilities of wordswordswords, whether you understand them or not, and how to (queerly) express them.

Accompanying their installation 'A Howl from Brussels', Anthe and Lander Hermans invite Alex Sourbis, Clara Lissens, Lilolance, Marie Van Roost and Violeta Borges Marques.

19:00 Alex Sourbis 
20:00 Break
20:30 Marie Van Roost 
20:40 Lilolance
20:50 Violeta Borges Marques
21:00 Clara Lissens


ALEX SOURBIS (he/him) was born in Belgium from Greek heritage, which could explain his natural inclination to Aeolian melodies and emotional drama. He sees music – whether it’s digging, DJing, or dancing – as a cathartic exercise to process a mood or to shift a perspective. For his DJ set, he will build up a story narrated by a mixture of voices, words, sound textures and melodies inspired by the city at night.

CLARA LISSENS (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and musician, attempting to shape the void. Clara manages to merge pop and Dadaist approaches in alluring songs. Intuitively layered synths combined with repetitive vocals, trigger feelings as joyous as they are gloomy. She playfully deploys her identity, hoping to create a meeting place to the tones of experimental pop music.

LILOLANCE (he/him) is an Instagram entity that roams through the Belgian queer landscape, and mostly inside the head of Lander Hermans. He is mostly known for his outburst of stories at undefined times. For 'Anaesthesia Night', he will exit the screen of the installation and perform 'A Howl from Brussels' live.

VIOLETA BORGES MARQUES (she/her) is an activist, mathematical researcher and infamously known as model and dear daughter. 'Anaesthesia Night' marks her debut as visual poet.

MARIE VAN ROOST (she/her) is an educator by profession and at heart. She will treat us as the children we are, whether we speak Dutch or not!


Throughout the night, the installation 'A Howl from Brussels' will be performing continuously (and incessantly!). In this video installation the siblings Anthe and Lander Hermans queerly knit together words and images following their adagium: words are images, images are personal, and the personal roams through a Brusselian world of queer joy and confusion.

>> check out the installation in the cinema

ANTHE HERMANS (she/her) is a mixed-media artist, currently following the advanced master program in research and design (ADMA) at Sint-Lucas Antwerpen.

LANDER HERMANS (he/him) is a mathematician, currently completing a PhD in fundamental mathematics.