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Working Title Platform #08 Doorreizen
Helena Dietrich Becoming Lili


Helena Dietrich Becoming Lili

TH 11.12.2014 18:50

After finishing a master in European media at the university of Portsmouth, U.K., Helena Dietrich explored the performing arts at a.pass in Brussels, Belgium. Departing from her background as a designer, she is researching the influences of the media on the constitution of the self.

In the third edition of her participative performance BECOMING LILI, Dietrich invited her audience to the Brussels hotel Bloom for a private encounter during which both the visitor and the host could choose a new outfit from a vast wardrobe, accentuating new or other aspects of their personality.

During WTP#08 Helena presents a video installation inspired by this last presentation of BECOMING LILI in October 2014, hosted by Beursschouwburg.

The idea of the project is to create with every episode a new environment or aesthetic that the audience relates to and by that to build a kind of archive.

Concept & development: Helena Dietrich
Editing: Helena Dietrich
Editing advice: Isabel Burr-Raty
Camera: Quentin de Wispelaere
With the support of: workspacebrussels / Brussels, apass / Brussels, Nadine, Brussels/ Bains Connective, Brussels
Coproduction: Beursschouwburg, workspacebrussels

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