We Object Intimate conversations on how colonial legacies exist in our everyday lives
We Object — with Loucka Fiagan & Lisette Ma Neza

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We Object — with Loucka Fiagan & Lisette Ma Neza

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You’re invited to join Lisette Ma Neza, Loucka Fiagan and their chosen objects for an intimate conversation about how colonialism exists in all of our everyday lives. 

A piece of food, a song that you hear on the radio, an item in your kitchen cupboard or the rug that lies across your living room floor, the legacy of colonialism is always there, sometimes in places you don’t expect.

In English 

Recorded on 18.03.21

LISETTE MA NEZA is known for her sharp pen and sweet voice. In her mix of poetry and music she searches for her own identity, her gender, her history and place in the world. In 2017 she became the first woman, the first person of color and the first Dutch-speaking Belgian Champion Slam Poetry. In 2018 and 2019 she flew with her performance abroad and she became Vice-European Champion Slam Poetry in Paris and Vice-World Champion in Rio de Janeiro. Now she travels the world like a troubadour with her music and poetry, and then returns home to the Netherlands. Her performances balance between painfully direct and amorous naivety and they often grab the audience by the throat.

LOUCKA FIAGAN is a Belgian native artist, born in 1994 from a Belgian father and a Togolese mother. Loucka studied sociology and is currently studying performative arts and choreography in the ISAC department of the Royal Academy of Beaux Arts in Brussels. Loucka is co-founder of the artistic collective called wedontknwyet who create mixed media pieces which explore the notion of mental illness, otherness, mixed identities and shamanism in modern societies. Their performances are a blend of different mediums; video, text, music and movement, in an immersive space with a fragmented narration. Some of his recent works are a movie made under the context of Batard Festival that is called the LAB, and an EP called Aporia which can be heard on all platforms under the name of Svdu.


A collaboration between DE//COLONIZE Leuven (a group of Masters students of Cultural Studies of the KU Leuven), Commissie Cultuur KU Leuven, DeBuren, Black History Month, Black Achievement Month and Beursschouwburg.