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Volta at beursschouwburg
Volta presents Jazmyn + Aziza


Volta presents Jazmyn + Aziza

WE 29.03.2023 20:00

19:00 doors

Aziza’s live band is the eponymous project of the singer/bass player. At its core it’s a soul and rock influenced project, infused with various influences from Aziza’s mixed roots and past. Her soul voice converges with distorted guitars, groovy rhythms meet atmospheric sounds. Aziza conducts these opposite energies and combines them into a singular atmosphere, alongside Diego Higueras on the guitar and Théo Teboul on the drums.

Brussels-based artist JAZMYN offers a one-way ticket to a percussive universe, a combination of Jazz, Soul, Funk and R'nB. Trained as a singer in London and Antwerp, she writes intimate lyrics that may seem sad or happy, but mostly both at the same time. With her live band, she creates a personal soul cocktail in which their love of jazz shines through.

This event happens during Ramadan. Find out more on