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Volta at beursschouwburg
Volta presents Adja


Volta presents Adja

WE 01.03.2023 20:30

Total musical experience of Soul, Jazz and RnB and the first gig of a freshhhhhh release tour

Adja is a Brussels-based singer and performer who is quickly making a name for herself as a multidisciplinary talent with big plans. Besides being a musician, she is also a theater-maker in the process of developing what she herself calls "sophisticated Soul in a hybrid concert format": music takes center stage, with her live shows gradually taking on a theatrical character. She tells stories through song, accompanied by other sensory elements such as smell and symbolic visualizations. All this out of a desire to visualize the (collective) subconscious and especially, the feelings we experience at the tipping points of our lives, into a total experience. She recently released her first singles ‘Told you so’ and 'To Be Naive' on the groove-obsessed label Sdban Ultra. Her debut EP 'IRONEYE' will be released on February 24.

photo credits : Nathan Dobbelaere photography