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Tumbleweed #3 Tomorrow


Tumbleweed #3 Tomorrow

WE 12.12.2018 20:30

Films by up-and-coming filmmakers. 

This Tumbleweed edition brings together four remarkable films dealing with play, pretend, cooking and love. They are stories on growing up and companionship spanning from Brussels to Irak and from Dagestan to France. The four emerging filmmakers produced their works in the context of LUCA, KASK and Bela Tarr’s workshop at Cinemaximillian.


Bo Vloors “Morgen” 
‘Morgen’ enters the microcosm of a series of young individuals as they spend their time, together or in solitude.
2018, BE, 15’ 
in Dutch, English subtitles

Omar Al Samarrai “Letters From Brussels” 
While preparing their favourite meal, the director longs for his children in Iraq. w/ Cinemaximiliaan
2018, BE, 18’ 
in Arabic, English & French subtitles

Adina Balatova “Le jeu de mariage” 
In an attempt to side-step traditional societal roles in Dagestan, two Belgian friends return to their native country, seemingly to get married.
2018, BE, 29’
in French & Russian, Englisch subtiles

Saco Dhondt “Y-aura t-il des rencontres à Rastoul?” 
In the rural Cantal region in France, the director and the peasant women engage in a collaboration: cheesemaking and filmmaking.
2018, BE, 15’
in French, English subtitles