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Tristan + Simon + Ão + Zimmerman — Thank Us Later


Tristan + Simon + Ão + Zimmerman — Thank Us Later

WE 24.05.2023 18:00

"On a mission to show you the best artists, live shows, records and stuff around."

"Trading in the broken heart for the unleashed beast that lurks inside her.”

"Feelings and broken hearts a 100% guaranteed. A new charm singer is in town!”

"A mix of Portuguese and English. Of something beautiful, something sad and something painful."

Listening session: Zimmerman - Wish You Were Here
"2 days prior to the official release, we'll host a listening session of Zimmerman newest album ‘Wish You Were Here’. A one-track album of 45 minutes about the loss of his brother. Hosted by Ayco Duyster"

Timings will be announced later on

Presented by Busker
Graphics: Zeevaarder